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Customs Consulting

When you encounter more complex commodity tax and import issues, Prime League’s customs broker is able to provide consultants in all areas of tariff research and the regulatory procedures of Canada Customs, The US Customs Service and other foreign customs as well as the requirements of other government agencies ensure timely, creative and informed solutions to the most complicated situations.

Our Brokerage Consulting services include:

  • Harmonized Tariff Classification
  • Tariff and Valuation Rulings
  • Duty Relief Programs, (Remission Orders, Tariff Codes, Drawback)
  • NAFTA Origin Review
  • Customs Compliance Verification Reviews
  • Temporary Imports
  • Exports for repair and return
  • Special Import Measures Act (SIMA) Appeals
  • HST Consultation
  • Vessel Coasting Trade Applications

Our brokers are qualified and accredited by the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers, Customs Certified Specialist designation. Our clients receive our full expertise in regards to their industry field:

  • Correct classification and application of end use tariff provisions
  • Determination of accurate value for duty
  • Requirements of other government departments
  • Issuance of import and export permits
  • Expedited release of your shipments
  • Compliance under the Canada Customs AMPS program