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Our services

our services


Prime League’s purpose in Logistics is to perform exceptional services and deliver superior Logistics solutions:

  • At the right time;
  • At the right place;
  • In good order and condition;
  • At the most economic cost.

To provide our customers with first class logistics solutions, Prime League has built a reliable logistics chain between Canada and Europe.

We take care of all your shipping needs:

  • Ocean freight
  • Air freight
  • Road transport
  • Warehousing solutions
  • Intermodal logistics
  • Custom brokerage

Prime league Inc. designs solutions to meet the needs of customers between Canada and Europe and offers a variety of logistics services involved in the physical movement of goods, the preparation of documentation and the transfer of required data.

On behalf of the exporter or importer, Prime League may:

  • Package
  • Pack
  • Label
  • Document
  • Load
  • Determine the best mode of transport and routing
  • Book space with carriers
  • Make arrangements for pick up
  • Carriage and delivery of the goods
  • Provide insurance for the shipment
  • Arrange for export or import customs clearance
  • Obtain any unique certificates necessary to export and import goods
  • Deliver first-rate customer service
  • Tracking and tracing of shipments
  • Billing, account maintenance and a myriad of other responsibilities